The Future of Payments

the future of payments


Customized payment solutions for the Money Transfer, Micro Loan, MMJ, and Digital Currency industries.

PayDirect delivers secure, efficient, and compliant payment processing to corporate accounts, mid-size companies, and small businesses, via a broad spectrum of receiving and payout options.

Innovation and flexibility allow us to tailor our services to the specific needs our clients.

Money Remittance

PayDirect provides an industry leading White Label platform for the Money Transmitter industry. We provide Money Transmitters a flexible and comprehensive mobile wallet solution, allowing subscribers to conduct payments anytime, anywhere.

  • Maximize Customer Engagement and Service
    Customize and improve user experience
  • Bank Anywhere
    "Bank Anywhere" strategy increases usage and enhances customer loyalty
  • Improve Customer Retention
    Additional financial services improve customer retention and brand recognition (cellular top up, bill payment, micro loans, retail POS sales, and more...)
  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer loyalty helps increase new customer acquisition

Micro Loans

Mobile and online payment platforms benefit both MFIs and beneficiaries by adding flexibility, improving data accuracy, and reducing fraud and defaults.

How does it work?
MFIs send loans to a beneficiary’s mobile phone, allowing the beneficiary to withdraw a total or partial loan from a local MFI network, or store the funds in the mobile platform and use the system to effect a wide variety of payments and transfers.
Loan Replacement
The beneficiary reimburses the loan via payment to a local MFI or uses the mobile platform by loading funds into their account then making payment to the MFI. Beneficiaries have an array of fund loading options.


PayDirect provides the Cannabis industry with a comprehensive mobile wallet solution, allowing subscribers to conduct simple, secure, transparent, and compliant electronic payments, including those patients requiring delivery service, while dramatically reducing cash intake and associated risks.

  • U.S. financial institutions are reluctant to accept bulk cash deposits. Cash deposits prohibit Banks from addressing their greatest concerns; source of funds and money laundering.
  • Electronic payments help reduce shrinkage and safety concerns related to storing large sums of cash on premises.
  • PayDirect's system meets all HIPA protection requirements and adds additional cutting edge technological safeguards to protect the consumer’s individual and financial data.

Digital Currency

Digital Currency is a more efficient and economical transaction compared to traditional payment methods and will ultimately prove too tempting to merchants, businessmen, and individuals to ignore.

Lower Fees

Lower Fees
Digital Currency processors may charge as little as 1 percent for transactions as compared to the 2-3 percent "standard" fees paid by merchants for credit card processing.

Simple, Secure

Simple, Secure
Digital Currency allows for a simple and more secure transfer of value online, eliminating intermediaries.


PayDirect provides settlement and merchant processing relationships and varied solutions for the Digital Currency industry.

Load Funds

Simple and Secure

Maximize your opportunities by allowing your customers to utilize PayDirect's wide variety of options for loading funds into the system.

Funding Options:

  • Payroll Direct Deposit
  • ACH Debit/Credit
  • PayPal
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Debit Card
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfer
  • Ukash
  • Wire Transfer
  • Echeck

Payments and Transfers

Enhance subscriber loyalty by offering your customers a broad range of payment and transfer mechanisms.

Payment Options:

  • Money Remittance
  • Bill Payments
  • Cell Phone Top Up
  • Prepaid Cards
  • ATM Cash Out
  • Gift Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Micro Loans
  • Retail Purchase
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfer



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